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Andrew loves introducing people to mindfulness practice, and he does this even at his book signings.  If you want Andrew to come to your local bookstore, yoga center or meditation group, just email him at  Watch this space for future events.
Andrew offers a full range of classes and private consultations.  Scroll down for more information, and click here for information about Andrew's custom course of individualized instruction.
I am pleased to be offering two classes at Unity Church of the Triangle, a wonderful community dedicated to changing the common consciousness through meditation.   The beginners' class starts on May 25, 2008.  The advanced spiritual development class is open to new enrollment only through a personal interview.  To enroll in either of these classes, please contact the church's adult education coordinator Jessica Mollet at 919-832-8324.
BEGINNING MINDFULNESS -- Sundays for 8 weeks starting May 25, 2008, 9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
Based on the practices in "Beginning Mindfulness," these classes focus on nourishing the mental states of love and compassion by cultivating honest and clear self-inquiry. Andrew teaches how to ground, how to distinguish thoughts from feelings (and what to do with each), how to establish the integrity of our own being, and how to walk through the doorway of our difficulties. By practicing holding both suffering and joy, we encounter the best in ourselves and transform the worst. Suitable for new and experienced students.

Mindfulness practice is a path of transformation. In this class we delve deeply into practices which enhance our capacity to experience and work with various states of mind and feelings, from the enjoyable to the difficult. Our focus is on transforming our relationships with our minds, our hearts, our own being and others so that our lives can become more joyful and complete. Each class includes instruction, practice, and dharma dialogue.

This class is designed primarily for those who have already studied with Andrew or who have had some experience in meditation practice. Beginners are permitted into the class with the instructor's permission and after a personal interview.  To arrange an interview, contact Andrew at
Custom Course
It is with great pleasure that I announce the first long-distance personalized “Beginning Mindfulness” course. While I have faith in my book’s capacity to instruct people in mindfulness practice, I also know, from having taught (and taken) meditation classes for many years, the difference between learning from a book and learning directly from a teacher. There is no doubt in my mind, from my experiences and those of my students: learning from the teacher directly is a more powerful, more immediate experience which moves the student along more quickly, and more deeply.
The Customized Beginning Mindfulness Course implements three of the essential aspects of the direct teacher/class/student experience: 1-on-1 dialogue with the teacher on how the practices manifest in life and the issues and dilemmas that come up; direct instruction in the practices from the teacher, verbally and energetically; and placing the student in the energy of the teacher’s intention that the student emerge into his/her fullest, most divine essence.
The Course is 20 weeks long. This extended time frame allows me to assist you directly in implementing these mindfulness practices in your daily life. Two weeks are devoted to each section of the “Beginning Mindfulness” book. In addition, I also will teach practices which I teach in my classes and which are not included in the book. These practices involve learning how to understand and manage energies, on both personal and interpersonal levels. I have no doubt that this course can help anyone to have a happier, more fulfilling and more grounded life, can increase joy, abundance and creativity, and can decrease stress and frustration.
The essential components of the course are these:
* 1/2 hour per week of instruction and energy support by telephone. This dialogue time is the heart of the course. It gives the student the opportunity to work with personal issues directly, and it gives me the opportunity to work with each student directly on an energetic level, to assist in clearing out old habitual patterns and in reinforcing a more open, positive outlook. These instruction sessions will be taped, and the tapes sent out to the student every 2 weeks.
* 3 Cds with meditation instruction and guidance. These Cds will provide recorded, guided instruction in the practices included in each of the three sections of the book. There will also be additional instruction in the energy awareness and management practices which are essential complements to the traditional practices of mindfulness.
* A special energy initiation at the end of the course. This initiation will provide the environment for the student to complete the course and accelerate his/her movement into the next phase of his/her life. 
Each student will receive the first Cd prior to the first week of the course, the second prior to the 8th week, and the third prior to the 16th week. Each student will be assigned a regular weekly telephone time with me. And each student will be asked to keep a journal as a way of recording life experiences as (s)he goes through the course.
Duration: 20 weeks
Cost: $1,500.00
The course fee may be paid in advance, or you may pay a deposit of $750.00 and pay the remainder in three $200.00 and one final $150.00 installments. I must receive your full fee or deposit prior to your beginning the course. If I do not receive your installment payments on time, you cannot continue with the course. If you drop out of the course, you are not entitled to a refund.
I am excited about this course and the benefits it can offer to many people. I invite you to join me on a miraculous journey into the heart of mindfulness. 
To enroll in this course, send an email to Andrew by clicking on his picture.  Be sure to include your name, home address, telephone number and email address.  You will receive an application form and a packet of introductory materials.
Private Sessions
Andrew offers individual sessions for transformational work on life issues. The work in these sessions includes clairvoyant consultations, energy clearing and aura balancing, and meditation instruction and guidance.
Clairvoyant consultations help us to examine and understand issues and forces inour lives. Energy clearing helps us to move energies which are stagnant, obstructive or destructive. Together, these two modalities can help us clarify our present situation and remove obstacles to a harmonious and beneficial life. Sessions with Andrew usually combine some amount of clairvoyant and energy work, and frequently include instruction in meditation practice.
Most sessions are done on the telephone, and all sessions are by appointment only.
Sessions with Andrew are intended for personal growth. He does not predict the future or diagnose health issues.
Session fees are $80 for 1/2 hour and $150 for 1 hour, payable in advance.
Pleae contact Andrew directly to arrange an appointment at 919-816-2782 or by email at
Retreats and Advanced Work
Retreats are an opportunity to practice away from the normal routine of everyday life. They allow us to practice intensively and to encounter ourselves more fully. Andrew JiYu's retreats are frequently organized around a theme, and include a full range of practices including sitting and walking meditation, work meditation, chanting, and dharma dialogue. Individual interviews with the teacher are provided on 2- or 3-day retreats.
Several of Andrew JiYu's students are making arrangements for a residential weekend retreat in the mountains of North Carolina sometime in the late summer or fall. Please come back to this page to check for more details.
Andrew offers advanced classes and individual instruction for experienced practitioners, especially those who want to become more grounded in their daily lives.  Advanced students learn practices as diverse as living with koans, shikantaza (bare attention), using integrity of being as a doorway to releasing selfish grasping, and Andrew's exclusive practice for reclaiming parts of our psyche which have fragmented due to trauma.  Andrew is glad to make these practices available to your local meditation group or class.  Just contact him at for more information and to make arrangements.
In his individual instruction with experienced practitioners, Andrew supports each person in the essence of his/her current practice and provides additional practices and support to strengthen the unbroken stream of mindfulness and true awakening throughout daily life. Andrew's ability to work with energetic blocks helps the student progress. Most individual instruction sessions are by telephone, and all are by appointment only. The cost is $70 for 1/2 hour and $125 for 1 hour. No fees are charged to full-time monastic renunciats.
Andrew is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and offers in-person classes and workshops in the Triangle area.  He also offers workshops throughout the United States, Canada and Australia, and individual instruction by telephone throughout the world.

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